For many years this building had languished, exposed to bad weather conditions, waiting for someone who would not see only gray walls of once successful hotel in it, but the vision of a modern hotel complex that could revitalize this part of Šumadija and become the new symbol of the city of Arandjelovac.

After years of renovations and bringing to acceptable condition of something that was deteriorating for decades, Mr. Miroljub Aleksić, owner of the first Serbian 5 stars hotel chain “A-Hotel”, a visionary, and above all, a successful businessman, has opened this pearl of Serbian tourism and proved that Serbia has something to offer to both local and foreign tourists.

Mr. Aleksić’s cooperation with our company has spawned some of the most beautiful details of the mentioned hotel, and these are what made it become recognizble to tourists and visitors. The impressive circular staircase in the lobby of the hotel is adorned with a railing that is the product of the company OGANJ kovano gvožđe, and was made in agreement with the investor. Beside this, the railing of a complete staircase leading to the hotel rooms, balcony railing above the beautiful indoor hotel swimming pool, railing of a coffee bar in the hotel lobby, as well as a complete garden furniture (tables and chairs) in two versions were made.

The proof of quality and successful cooperation was confirmed by our involvement in other projects that Mr. Aleksić implemented in Serbia.

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