Company OGANJ - kovano gvožđe was established in 1997 in Serbia, located in Markovac, 8 km from Mladenovac towards Arandjelovac. Registered as a family workshop, the first steps in conquering the Serbian market were made during the nineties, when the economy in Serbia completely succumbed after a difficult period.

With strenuous and hard work, products made of wrought iron and boxes were coming out from a small garage/workshop, and have opened the way for enlargement of production capacities and generated the market confidence in Serbia. With only five employees, Oganj spreads its influence on the market and makes the demand for their own products overcome the modest production capacity that Oganj at that time had.

The first extension

By 2001, a small family workshop is extending its production capacities and number of employees. Of course, it did not happen in only one year. The interest of people looking for a job in our company had begun since its founding, because they recognized the potential of this area of production. The workshop is extended thanks to our customers who recognized the quality, the hard work and honest attitude towards work. Without loans, borrowings and any help from the outside, only with their own work, Oganj expands their workshop/garage from modest 30m2 to, at that time barely sufficient 150m2 of useful production space.

With constant growth of demand for our company’s products, we have expanded the production facilities, but also the number of employees in the company. The employee profiles were diverse. From people with no experience in the industry, to people with little experience, they all somehow found the way to our company and were mostly kept in it. A great deal of masters who are now valid for the best masters, had grown right here in Oganj... here they gained their first experience in welding, grinding, forging... and found a place for themselves in the working environment, while the experienced craftsmen passed on their knowledge unselfishly. In this period the number of employees had risen to 18 workers.

In cooperation with French partner, the company Madleniak, OGANJ kovano gvožđe expanded its business to the French market, which makes a new chapter in our company development.

Difficult period

The year 2004 was, we can safely say, the most difficult year since the company was established as a leading idea of two brothers who had founded it. Precisely that year one of them had left us, devoted, until the last moment, to work and success that depended on that business trip. He gave his life to the idea that could not succumb to this loss. We could not let a life be lost in vain, and we found the strength to continue even more vigorously, to achieve a long planned goal.... to become a leader in Serbia.

It took a long time to consolidate the troops, to make the new systematization of work, to share the responsibilities for all aspects of the business, to fill a void that can never be filled. The business expected that of us, our customers expected... we never turn our backs to the problem. We do not ask why something “can not be”, but we try to find a way for it to be.

The new extension of the manufacturing facilities and the market

At the end of the above period, we rolled up our sleeves and set off even more decisive in the battle for the market. By 2008, we completed a large production hall, so the production space of the company was now more than 1250 m2 with several offices for designing, accounting, procurement... designers were employed, who greatly eased and sped up the preparation of production (once all was drawn on the floor), a small family workshop grew into a serious factory for manufacturing of products made of wrought iron.

With the company JANKI INDUSTRIEMONTAGEN GmbH from Vienna, we are covering a new market, the market of Austria. OGANJ kovano gvožđe became known factor in this industry, in Serbia and outside the borders of our country, and it is natural that many investors who invest in capital projects have heard of us. Therefore, the list of our company’s references has become impressive and more competitive.

In this period we built a special facility for final product processing (sand blasting, paint shop), we have adopted the technology of galvanizing, plastification, we have opened the toolroom...

By feeling the pulse of the market, a need for opening of showrooms was created, and this was done... first in Belgrade and then in Gornji Milanovac. For this purpose, we established a new company “OGANJ design” in order to improve the sales of finished elements and assemblies for our colleagues locksmiths. It has been shown that this step was more than successful.

It expanded the business in the region... Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary... in a word, OGANJ kovano gvožđe has become the company/brand worthy of respect.

Splitting of the production facilities and further expansion of the market

As the above mentioned opening of retail stores/showrooms proved to be very productive, it has led us to the idea to create a special team of craftsmen for launching of serial production of elements and assemblies. OGANJ design started its own production and was dislocated from the manufacturing facilities of the company OGANJ kovano gvožđe, closer to the main road between Mladenovac and Arandjelovac. The new team of experienced craftsmen and salesmen launches yet another new chapter in the development of now the company OGANJ kovano gvožđe.

Today we can say that, with hard and dedicated work, respectable relationship with the customers and smart investments in turbulent times like there are in the market in Serbia, we have managed to achieve the initial idea of two visionaries, and that we continue to successfully achieve it. Now the products of the company OGANJ kovano gvožđe adorn both private and business facilities in Serbia, France, Germany, Russia, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary and many other countries, and the name of OGANJ has become a synonym for quality, durability and aesthetic value of products that decorate your living and office space.  OGANJ now employs more than 80 workers of different profiles and professions.


It is in human nature to EVOLVE, LEARN and PROGRESS, and so the definition of our vision is in harmony with the human nature. We have PERFECTED one of the oldest crafts by using the latest technology. We are LEARNING from the experience of the old masters of the craft but also from our own experience, our own mistakes and successes, which were certainly present during this decade and a half. We try to take all of the above as motivation for further DEVELOPMENT and achievement of the goals that we have not set ourselves, but our satisfied clients commit us to it.


Production Program

Production program of the company OGANJ - kovano gvožđe is composed of the design, planning and production of gates, fences, terrace railings, staircase railings, window grids, furniture, interiors, various constructions... We make the above mentioned products out of wrought iron, inox, brass and steel pipes, depending on the wishes of the customer.

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